First Time Driving an Automatic Car? Here Are a Few Tips for You.

Driving is an art. For first time learners, driving can be exciting, but also dangerous. Therefore, it is crucial to trust a driving instructor with your life. Sounds like the leap of faith, but learning about the clutch, brake, and accelerator can be a thrilling experience.
Here are some tips to get you started with automatic driving lessons in Chichester.

  1. Relax! Get Comfortable.

There is no need to be anxious. You will not get into an accident on the first day. To an extent, the car can get a scratch for your mistakes. But that’s okay. Make the seat upright while adjusting the footing. Take a deep breath before you start your hands on the steering wheel. Remember to enjoy instead of worrying about the mistakes!

  1. Learn Neutral Gears, Parking

First time learners are about to get the driving license. For that, it is essential to learn the three gears of driving – Reverse, Drive gear, and Neutral Gears.

  • Reverse gear allows you to take the car in the backward direction.
  • The Drive gear lets you drive at an empty road maintaining stability.
  • The Neutral gear makes escaping traffics easy from sudden brakes.
  1. Don’t rush into learning.

If you are a first-time learner, learn the fundamental three gear changes, before proceeding to the next steps. Once the basics are done, proceed to learn the clutches.

Learning the reverse gear is tricky. But after mastering the other basics, you care to use reverse gear like a pro. You should trust your professional trainer with the lessons and listen carefully to what they are saying.

  1. Drive Slow – Do not speed up!

The greatest tip for first-time drivers is to drive comfortably at a slower pace. Remember, once you start driving on the street, there will be traffic. You have to go keeping the rush in mind. Taking up high speed can cause a skid that can lead to an accident. Do not rush on the road until you are ready. The key is to drive safe!

1st castle is an ultimate centre for Automatic Driving Lessons in Chichester. Over the years, they have trained several first-time learners with quality services. They have trained instructors who teach driving at depth for the driving test too! The price and packaging are quite affordable all-round the year for any beginner to get started.

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