It still hasn’t really sunk in yet that I have passed, I keep telling myself, “You did, you can drive”.  My worst fear with driving was roundabouts – awful things! However with the great guidance from my instructor I found that I could tackle anything.

I chose 1st Castle for their outstanding record and also my sister passed with them, and I am glad, after all they got through my fears.  I have tried other driving schools, but they never really seemed to help, all I did was drive around, with not my guidance from the instructor (that’s when they turned up of course).  My instructor with 1st Castle gave me the courage to drive and I felt at ease with him, he never put me down, if  I done something wrong he would explain it all over again, which of course is needed when you are tackling your fears.

I was always a little down after my lesson had finished as all I wanted to do was jump back in the car and drive around, it gave me a great feeling knowing that I could drive.  I always enjoyed my lessons, and found them extremely helpful, with not a second wasted.  I would always recommend 1st Castle to anyone who wishes to learn  to drive, without them, me and the kids would still be getting wet!  If anyone is reading this who is about to take your test, a little word of advice – DON’T PANIC.  Its not all that bad and after all you wouldn’t be there if your instructor didn’t think you were ready.  I had a bad attack of the nerves on my test, my instructor was great at trying to calm me, he sat me down and had a chat.  The examiners are really not that bad to get in such a state about, just go out and enjoy the experience, which is something I didn’t do through my nerves.