I Still cannot believe that I’ve passed – was still so scared on Thursday!  One of my worst fears was being observed whilst driving.  Having driven previously overseas, driving with an instructor in the car again surprisingly took me very little time to get used to.  Having an examiner was harder – my worst nightmare!  Examiners in the Middle East tended to be Traffic Police who were generally unfriendly to Westerners!  There was just no way that I could relax, to the point that I was having nightmares before my first test.  I finally passed on my third test.

My instructor was really good because he realised that I was a wreck, he kept me calm and didn’t give me time to think – we practised and practised some more – we arrived at the test centre just in time to walk straight in to my test.

I chose 1st Castle after looking up the number in the Yellow pages.  I was new to Havant and the UK arriving in September 2006.  I was very nervous at first there was so much to learn!  My instructor made me feel very relaxed, he never got angry with me or made me feel stupid.

I was a little scared driving out to the Test Centre in Portsmouth on my very first lesson – still haven’t quite lost that feeling that I might drive/fall left off the road! I enjoyed my lessons with 1st Castle after previously having instructors overseas who thought that the only way to be heard was to raise their voices and to shout.

My instructor from 1st Castle was always very patient, polite, and professional. The car was spotlessly clean (unlike mine – washed once in 6 months!), a welcome sight around town with a happy smile!