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Rebecca saved cash!

Seventeen year-old A-level student Rebecca Brown, from Upminster in Essex passed her test in November – the first time she went to a driving test centre. And within three weeks she had completed her Pass Plus course.

“Some of my friends had done Pass Plus and they said that it had really helped them get the confidence to drive on their own. The course teaches you skills that you don’t necessarily learn on your lessons. I would not have been able to go on the motorway on my own, and I think it is better to have your instructor there than a family member”.

“My mum had given me her old car, a Fiesta, because she had got a new one. But I had to pay for the insurance. When I went to Tesco to insure it, the company knocked off £200 in discount because I had a Pass Plus certificate. So taking Pass Plus has even been more cost effective for me”.

“My instructor offered discount of a free lesson for every ten lessons I booked. I knew I wanted to take Pass Plus so I included those lessons when I made the bookings. It worked out at about £13.50 a lesson, so I ended up saving some money as well as learning more skills” she said

Rebecca is so convinced that Pass Plus has made her a safer driver that she thinks everyone should take it.

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