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One year's No Claims Bonus

When 20 year-old student Mohammad Kadar from Nottingham went to take his driving test, he was fairly confident he was going to pass it. And he had already set his sights on buying a car. So when he was given the green light to drive on his own, the first thing he did was to book a Pass Plus course.

“My instructor had talked to me about Pass Plus and told me about the whole procedure before I took the test. I knew I wanted to drive on the motorway and at night, and I wanted to build up my confidence with high speed driving, and also driving in cities in heavy traffic. And you don’t cover all of these things in the test itself.”

“So when I passed my test at West Bridgeford Driving Test Centre about a year ago, I booked a Pass Plus course straight away. It really did help me a lot and built up my confidence” he said.

Armed with these extra skills, his next move was to buy a Suzuki Swift, and insured it through Churchill insurance company. Within six months he had changed his car to a Rover 1.6 SLI.

“The insurance company gave me a year’s ‘no claims’ bonus for having the Pass Plus certificate, and it made a big difference to the cost. I now tell other people that they ought to take the course.”

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