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Show Me - Tell Me Questions

During the test you will be asked 2 questions relating to the car.

The first question will be at the start of the test (usually just after completing a eye sight test)

This will be the TELL ME QUESTION – this could be done in the car or relating to UNDER THE BONNET.

* If you do not know the answer to this question, you will receive a fault marking


Once one the move the examiner will ask you a SHOW ME QUESTION – this would be one of 7 control items from the driving seat of the car – this must be carried out safely.

* If you can not demonstrate how to operate the control, then the examiner will ask you to find a safe place to stop.  Ask you to locate the control, and practice how to use it – then ask you to move on – then ask you to demonstrate how you would use that control again – if you can not demonstrate this – this could go down as a serious fault.

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