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Franchise Opportunities

At 1st Castle we pride ourselves on a great brand with great instructor support and assistance which allows you to be a great instructor – all for a small monthly fee.

If you are either an independent instructor or with another franchise 1st Castle can help you easily achieve a full diary along with instructor support when needed.

Some of the benefits of being with a well established local franchise:

  • No need to advertise – we do that all for you.
  • No need to transfer those calls to sales – we do that all for you.
  • No need to see if that pupil is in your area – we do that all for you.
  • No issues with taking phone calls during your lessons or missing that one call that could be your next pupil – we do that all for you.
  • No late night phone calls from potential pupils – we do that all for you.
  • No need to email potential pupils after you have finished a day in the car – we do that all for you.
  • Unlimited Pupils.
  • Free diary management training
  • YOU can Run your own diary.
  • YOU can work when it suits you.
  • YOU can turn work down if you don’t want / don’t need any more.
  • YOU can set the catchment area you wish to work in.
  • YOU keep all of the tuition fee!

With so many benefits – what are you waiting for?  Contact us today for an informal chat!

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