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Driving Instructor Training


Are you looking for a new career? If so let us give you an honest overview of the driver training industry. We will not dazzle you with often wild claims of earn £30.000 as a driving instructor, although it is of course possible. Driving instruction is not a career you do just for the money, it is very demanding and requires much patience and commitment to compete in an industry which is suffering in the current economic climate. On a positive note, to have the ability to change someone’s life can be extremely satisfying and rewarding, and if you are good at your job you will often stay busy, there is always room for a good instructor!

Why 1st Castle

1st Castle have in house training, to provide driving instructor training in Chichester. We offer a fresh and innovative approach to instructor training. In the past it has been quite the norm to pay for the complete training package up front, a typical outlay of £3,500 plus, this would cover training for all three parts of the qualifying exam. There is a major problem with this approach. Candidates are only allowed three attempts at parts 2 and 3, in the unfortunate event they don’t get beyond part two, the candidate would have to wait close to two years before being allowed to start the qualifying process over again and quite often the training school will retain the candidates money, is this fair? I think you can decide for yourself.

What’s involved

We aim to offer an alternative, not only do we break your training down to individual units, but also allow you to “Pay as you go”, Our tuition is geared very much to the individual’s ability. prospective instructors come from all walks of life and differing backgrounds. A person with an academic flair may find part one easy (theory), and another with professional driving experience may find part two (driving ability) a breeze. therefore we carefully monitor the trainees progress and lessons are paid for on an hourly basis just the same as you did when you learnt to drive initially, it doesn’t get any fairer than that.


Listed below are some typical examples of course structure and costs:

Part 1 (theory test)

This can be done as a self study package. Complete part 1 packages can be purchased for £125 from RCM Marketing at: www.rcmmarketing.co.uk or Driving School Supplies at: www.d-ss.co.uk

Part 2 (practical driving ability)

Lessons are priced at £30 per hour and a typical course would be between 15 – 20 hours depending on ability.

Part 3 (instructional ability)

We recommend 40 hours tuition on a one to one basis, the cost is £30 per hour.

From the above you can see your training will cost in the region of £1,800 plus any exam and registration fees payable to the DVSA below:

Part 1 (theory test) £90

Part 2 (practical driving ability) £111

Part 3 (instructional ability) £111

Additional: Entry to ADI register £300

Our aim is to put honesty and transparency back into instructor training!

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